Saturday, February 18, 2006


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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tutorial : enum lacks type-safety

enum provides convenience and improved productivity. The possible values get listed in IntelliSense, so it's easy to select the one you want during programming. If your method takes an enum as a parameter, the users of your API will typically select a value from the list presented by IntelliSense
But unfortunately , what happen when you pass an invalid parameter ?
Do not assume that the value of an enum received as a method parameter is within range. Check to verify it. This will make your code more robust. Program defensively.


Default performance of Data.ReadXMLData.ReadXML

The System.Data.DataSet class provides great flexibility for disconnected access to data. Its capabilities to transform data into XML and to read data from XML come in very handy.



If I have 100 rows in this document, it takes 90 milliseconds to read the XML document into the DataSet using ReadXML().[*] If I have 1,000 rows, it takes 200 milliseconds. Not too bad. But if I have 5,000 rows, it takes 5,700 milliseconds. Finally, if I have 10,000 rows, it takes an objectionable 24,295 milliseconds (about 25 seconds).What problem ?

Solutions :
Preload the schema into the DataSet before calling ReadXML(). It makes a significant difference in performance as the XML file size grows. This eliminates the time taken by ReadXML() to infer the schema from the XML document.


Tutorial 1 : Singleton isn't guaranteed process-wide

A static/Shared field belongs to the class and is not part of any instance. Typically, when you see a static/Shared field, you know that no matter how many instances of the class exist, there is one and only one occurrence of this field. Often a static/Shared field is used to limit the number of instances of an objectthe concept of Singleton
A singleton takes measures to make sure that no more than one instance of its type can be created in an application. One way to do this is to make the constructor of the class protected or private, and to provide a static/Shared method to fetch the object
But let remember
A class's static/Shared fields are unique only in the AppDomain where the class is loaded. Each new AppDomain created in your application produces a new copy of them.


.Net Gotachas tutorial

I want to share a little myy IT knowledge that is trained when I am university
Series tutorial about how to avoid mistake
Like most complex tasks, .NET programming is fraught with potential costly, and time-consuming hazards. The millions of Microsoft developers worldwide who create applications for the .NET platform can attest to that. Thankfully there's now a book that shows you how to avoid such costly and time-consuming mistakes. It's called .NET Gotchas.

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