Saturday, February 18, 2006


a little fun : high value keyword : domains yahoo, domain name yahoo,domain registration yahoo...

I register adsense in some day and want to earn some money for new host and domain
So , I begin search internet for how to make money with adsense . Now I have a little experience in this . Some friends tell me find some high value key word and write article about these . And now I want to share with you

Max CPC CPC key word
418.63 79.81 domain name yahoo
145.71 68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
119.63 66.15 law lemon wisconsin
135.94 51.14 hair removal washington dc
493.73 41.97 domain registration yahoo
262.02 40.36 benchmark lending
438.23 38.05 domain yahoo
330.50 37.86 yahoo web hosting
121.86 37.29 hair laser removal virginia
121.27 36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
46.38 36.55 ca lemon law
81.58 34.13 best buy gift card
96.87 31.10 adverse credit remortgage
234.33 30.98 mesothelioma information
48.68 29.77 law lemon ohio

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